Usługi oferowana przez EVOPA Sp. z o.o. są dobrze chronione. W zakresie transakcji handlowych / płatności podstawą ochrony jest hasło / PIN / gest akceptujące / odrzucające transakcje. Ponadto stosowane są mechanizmy nadzoru transakcji, zabezpieczenia w postaci szyfrowanych połączeń SSL, jak również inne mechanizmy blokowanie nieautoryzowanych transakcji.

EVOPA nigdy nie wysyła e-mailem prośby o podanie hasła, kodu PIN czy rodzaju gestu autoryzującego płatność. Wszelkie tego typu wiadomości powinny być odbierane jako próba ataku na konto użytkownika i zgłaszana działowi ds. bezpieczeństwa transakcji EVOPA Sp. z o.o.
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What is Evopa?

Discover new innovations in online and mobile payments. Find out what is Evopa and how it works. Sign up and start using NFC mobile application and Evopa micropayments service.



Mobile micropayments are financial transaction made via mobile device such as NFC-enabled mobile phone. Making a transaction in this way can not exceed one-time payment in the amount of 50 PLN. This is an innovative solution in which money transfer is realized immediately - in real time. The solutions that we offer is competitive with other because Evopa, the only one on the market, do not charge commission from the transaction. It is a perfect solution for all those who value convenience and comfort of service.

In the case of payment by credit card or electronic transfers, all the operations takes too much time, as well as fees charged are high. Mobile payments are based on a completely different business model. Discover our solutions for mobile micropayments (NFC). Check our Evopa Mobile App (version for individuals), and our Mobile Payment Terminal (version for businesses).


Services offered by Evopa are well protected. In terms of commercial transactions / payment safety is confirmed by password / PIN code / accepting and rejecting transaction gesture . Moreover, we provide security in the form of encrypted SSL connections, as well as other mechanisms to block unauthorized transactions. Evopa never sends an e-mail requesting your password, PIN code or information of your authorizing gesture. Any similar message should be seen as an attempt to attack a user account and must be reported to Evopa security department.

Application functionality includes:
  • Ability to define daily, weekly, monthly limits, by simply imposing restrictions.
  • POS detection based on user’s location.
  • Free transfers of funds between users.
  • No commission payments.
  • Anonymity and safety of low-budget transactions through secure against unauthorized transactions.


evopa NFC



Our micropayments on-line system works on the basis of Virtual Wallet, to which you add the cash, and then you can make commercial transactions in real time - which means your money goes to your destination shortly after approval of the transaction. Check our micropayments for individuals or businesses. Learn how to start using the service and how to connect online micropayment service with NFC mobile payments.

Did you know?

Evopa payments are implemented in real time, so your money goes immediately to another users’ account. What does this mean for you? You do not have to wait for electronically purchased products: mp3s, movies, VOD or articles. You will be given an instant access to a product.




How to start?

If you want to start using the service you must register an account in Evopa. During the registration process you must provide correct information as to the specified e-mail address will be sent a link to activate your account. Then user receives individual virtual account number. In order to make a payment, the user should charge its account via one of the available payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer.
  • SMS.
  • PayU & PayPal.




Evopa as the only micropayment service operator on the Polish market offers mobile payment solution based on geolocation. Our system allows to make payments in real time in places where the payment is obligatory for example in a nature parks, parking lots, highways, means of transport or in other places. How does it work? Each user who has downloaded Evopa application on its mobile phone can receive notification about payment possibility when it is in the payment area. Thanks to PIN code or gesture a transaction can be can done in real time, without the need to search for stationary POS etc. This is an absolute novelty on the market!

The application is consistent with applicable Polish and European Union law, among others:

  • Polish Law on the Payment Services from 19.08.2011 (Dz.U. nr 199 poz.1175).
  • Directive 2007/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13.11.2007 on Payment Services.

Why you should try Evopa?
  • Absolute innovation in mobile payments. The fastest micropayments in Europe!
  • Check out what is our system and how to use it. Real-time payment is a solution for those who want to have quick access to low-cost products and services.
  • Every transaction is carried out immediately, so that no one is waiting for money, posting payments, etc. A product / service can be available immediately in real time. Check out how Evopa works. Sign up and start using Virtual Wallet and mobile application.

evopa NFC

Users - recipients

Evopa provides the fastest micropayments on the Internet. Make payments in POS (via NFC) and online stores (via Evopa).


Paying for products and services around the world has never been easier. Sign up for Evopa free account. Download free mobile application and enjoy payments on your smartphone.

Evopa is a comprehensive and free online payment platform, through which you can adjust a small on-line charges, as well as to implement mobile payments using NFC Evopa applications.

The Internet has become a second house for us where we work, deepen our passions and entertain. On a growing number of websites we have to pay for access to extra content. Now, after charging Evopa, only two clicks will be necessary to get access to an interesting article, mp3 or VOD.

Evopa is also a convenient and fast way to pay less for everyday purchases. Make non-cash transactions in stationary retail stores. Make a payment via your smartphone. Find the nearest shops, restaurants, clubs and galleries thanks to Geopayments. Take advantage of numerous discounts through our customer loyalty program Evopa Points. Get all of this completely for free.



Contact us today to learn how we can help you centralize and increase sales of your products and services.

We gladly put to your disposal an innovative payment platform. Evopa is a fully centralized system of Internet payments, NFC mobile contactless payments and completely novel function - Geopayments.

NFC mobile payments are most successful in areas where the speed is important and there is a need to support a large number of customers. This allows to shorten queues in concert halls, stadiums, ticket offices, large shopping malls, fast foods and other places of mass events, which dominates the cash turnover, there is a need for rapid implementation of the transactions.

Evopa is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our elastic business model offers much lower transaction fees compared to banks and cards operators. Moreover, you do not incur any costs in infrastructure related to payment terminals because you can use the tools you already own – your smartphone or other mobile device with NFC.



Give your customers or fans an innovative micropayment platform on your website. From now on, it only takes two clicks to support your activities or pay for the products or services.

Evopa is an innovative and secure electronic payment system for your customers, fans and all those who wish to support your activities or business. Evopa is a new online micropayments platform that extends the possibility of purchasing your products and services in the modern channel in the system of global payments in multiple languages ​​and currencies.

Flexible business model makes selling products or services profitable and even small amounts can be sent cost effectively. The entire transaction process takes place in a small window on your website. With the low prices of individual products and reduced time of making payments to just two clicks, shopping will become much simpler and also more instinctive which certainly will be profitable for you, too.

Installation micropayment platform on your website takes literally a few moments and does not require any investment in IT infrastructure.



Service fees

Evopa nfc

If you want to use Evopa, you have to register new account. It is free for all individuals. If you have a company, select the appropriate package.

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